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We are a family-oriented daycare. When parents leave their children at our doorstep, those children become our children, they are like family. Families feel welcome here, and we aim to provide them with as much peace of mind as this type of transition permits. We understand that choosing a daycare is a big decision, and are here to help with any questions you may have.

We live in an evolving world where things change at a fast pace. Our children should be prepared for the whirlwind and it is my mission to assist them in attaining the fundamentals needed to conquer and succeed. If they have a nurturing place to fall back on, their confidence to take on the world will blossom into something beautiful.


What does Pre-K prep mean, exactly? It means that when you leave your child with us, it’s not just about watching them and making sure they are fed, changed and safe. We are also certified to prepare your children for their scholastic future. A big part of Pre-K consists of preparing students for a full school day on all levels.

At Garden’s Daycare we provide an environment for children to learn simple tasks like following rules, listening, understanding the difference between playtime and work time, as well as an introduction to books, letters and reading. We are happy to report that students who have attended our daycare are doing wonderfully in Pre-K.


Gardens Daycare follows the Reggio Emilia approach. This is a structure where we allow the children to lead by what peaks their interest. We believe that every child learns at their own pace, and in their own way. Given the opportunity, children will prove to be resilient no matter how they learn. We do our part to make them feel comfortable enough to lead the way. If you let them lead, they will show you how they learn and what sparks their interest.


Our facilities are located in a building with heavy, secure doors and a modern entrance system where visitors dial for access and entry. We have fire extinguishers throughout the center and practice drills so that we are prepared for any emergencies. The entire staff is CPR certified in both pediatric and adult cardiac assistance. Our certifications are renewed every two years.